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The area where Quezon Province is located now was called Kalilayan when it was established as an administrative district by the Spaniards in 1591. The town of Unisan was chosen as the seat of the government. Later, Kalilayan was renamed Tayabas. Areas under the jurisdiction of Tayabas included the now province of Aurora and the eastern part of Nueva Ecija. During the American Period, the island of Marinduque was annexed to Tayabas Province.
On September 7, 1946, Tayabas was renamed Quezon Province in honor of Manuel Luis Quezon, the first president of the Commonwealth Period and the second president of the Philippines.
Outside the capital city of Lucena, agriculture is the main economic activity in the province where coconut and rice are the main outputs. The province has one of the longest coasts among the 81 province and therefore, fishing is a very important industry.

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