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Nueva Ecija is the largest province of Central Luzon and the biggest rice producer of the country, thus, it is often referred to as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines.” The town of Bongabon in the eastern part of the province at the foot of Sierra Madre Mountains and its neighboring towns of Laur and Rizal, are the major producers of onion and garlic. Bongabon is hailed as the “Onion Capital of the Philippines.”
The province was named after an old city of Ecija in Seville, Spain.
Tourists can discover the hidden beauty of Nueva Ecija. In the easternmost barrio of Rizal, nestled uphill on the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range boasts one of Central Luzon’s hidden treasures: the General Luna Falls. It is a towering waterfall of more than a hundred feet descending widely across a rocky mountain wall into over twenty pools of varying levels and depths. Other destinations in the province are the Minalungao Park with its breathtaking view of the narrow but deep Penaranda River; the Mt. Olivete; the Palaspas Falls which is ideal for picnics and bathing especially during summer; and the Gabaldon Falls. The festivals in the province are the “Taong Putik Festival” of Aliaga and the Holy Week Rituals of Puncan.

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