La Union

Ilocos RegionĀ 

Abra Provincial Seal

Provincial Capital

San Fernando

Local Language


Local Delicacy

The province of La Union is the gateway to the Ilocano people’s rich cultural heritage. The province of La Union has a 93% llocano population that is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. As a matter of fact, La Union culture and traditions are rooted on Ilocano culture and traditions, which have evolved extensively, distinctively, and marvelously over the decades with the influences of neighboring provinces. Pangasinan communities can be found in southern, Igorot tribes, primarily the Ibaloi, Kankanaey, and Bago/Bag-o[36] tribes found in La Union’s Cordilleran foothills, and Chinese in the city. La Union, a melting pot of cultures and traditions, is located along the coast of the China Sea, bounded in the south by Pangasinan, in the north by Ilocos Sur, and in the west by Benguet.